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Ten thousand feet above the continent, I blog.

2009 is a freaking strange year.
At the push of a button, with a nominal investment (or free trial offer!click here!) a person can share their lolcats from the clouds.
Although I think the clouds might be more interesting.

So, I guess I will talk about the clouds.

Taking off at 7:30 has allowed us a four hour sunset, heading west. The colors have been incredible. At one point, the topmost layer of clouds was lit golden by the setting sun, and the deeper layers were colored pink and lavender. I thought of my particular favorite tree-fruit.

Shortly after, there were giant cumulonimbus clouds sitting over a hazy fog. It was mountains in the sea, and I swore it was heaven.

Then, the in-flight movie was Star Trek. My Mr Spock has told me that I can be her Captain Kirk, and after watching JJ Abrams' masterpiece, may I merely state that I have been, and always will be, her friend.


It's been a wonderful week on the east coast. I think this week will be wonderful on the west coast.

Then, back to the mountains and school.

Man, 2009 is fucking weird.

Date: 2009-08-14 03:07 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sapote
You update from the air! You dare! To care! To update from the air!

Also gursh.


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